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Security SolutionsWelcome to Phantom Services. As you do your research for security solutions, you will find that most companies give you assistance for only a portion of your requirements. Phantom Services will meet 100% of your requirements because of our nautical background coupled with our security background. We bridge the gap between Safety and Security with Equipment, Training, and Education. We will also provide you references from our current clients and details of our past work to gain your confidence in our capabilities. We are a very discreet company and will ensure you maintain your privacy.

Here is how we would assist you in the following steps…

  • First, we will come to your vessel and Survey it from a Security Vulnerability Perspective and determine all the weak points and how accessible the vessel is underway, at anchor and in a Marina.
  • Second, we will interview Your Captain and the Crew on their current capabilities as it pertains to Security Awareness.
  • Third, we will review the primary areas the vessel will travel through in the future.
  • Fourth, we would like to interview You (the owner of the vessel) to get your perspective on the types of security solutions that you may be interested in. Some options include security for Maritime Equipment on the Vessel, the use of Lethal and Non-Lethal devices, and in certain situations a Security Force on board your vessel or an escort vessel.

Once we finish these four steps, we will sit down with you and go over several key point and recommendations for Equipment (such as Tracking Systems that monitor you globally), Training (security awareness and devices used by the crew) and Protective Services (on and off vessel security personnel). All of our training starts on Your vessel and goes from there. We never burden the Captain and Crew, and work around their schedule. We pride ourselves in the fact that we are very in tune with the needs of your Captain and Crew, along with the obstacles you will go through to keep your vessel and family happy and safe.

There are several equipment options that we will recommend based on the type and size of the vessel and waters traveled. If you are comfortable with providing us the size and type vessel you have and where you travel, we can provide you some insight over the phone.

Maritime and Land Based Security Solutions

Again, we would like to stress that we come to your location and work within your capabilities to meet all of your security requirements. Our Crew Security Seminar is made to be very interactive and team building for you and the crew. If you would like to see our personal Bios, we can send you that so you will see that you are getting the most capable support you require. Maritime Security is a very serious business and can be a very dangerous situation if you and the Crew are not prepared for it.

In closing, here is our Mission Statement:

We are a Maritime Security Company that specializes in Yacht and Marina Security. We also provide the highest level Land Based Security, and Infrastructure Development in Austere and Semi-Permissive environments. We pride ourselves in Empowering Owners, Captains, and Crew with the knowledge and tools necessary to keep you, your family and your most valued assets safe. We also stress that Security Solutions do not always revolve around aggressive techniques and weapons. There are several methods of protection with safe non-­‐lethal means. Every member of our team has over 20 years of experience in Security Operations to keep you and your most valued assets safe. “If it’s easy, give it to someone else; If it’s impossible, we’ll attack it!”

Thank you for your time and please do not hesitate to Contact Us.