Anti-Piracy Training

Anti-Piracy TrainingPhantom Services will provide Anti-Piracy Training for Owners, Families, Captains, and Crew members in Active and Passive security measures through safe Non-Lethal means.

Piracy by definition is acts of robbery, hijacking and other malicious acts against vessels in international waters. These acts of piracy normally occur in locations that are remote and isolated from any law enforcement or authorities. The only means to create the best outcome once the vessel is targeted, rests with the Crew and Passengers…and their anti-piracy training.
Individuals or groups conduct piracy for many different reasons. Some examples are: the stealing of valuables, extorting money from vessel owners and/or third party interests, holding the vessel’s crew passengers hostage for ransom, stealing the vessel to use somewhere else, or the sale of parts from the ship. No matter the reason for an act of Piracy, the Preparation and Anti-Piracy Training of the Crew Passengers and Vessel are the keys to the best outcome.

Anti-Piracy Training And Equipment

Training: Phantom Services training includes knowledge that is essential when an act of piracy is imminent. Our training explains what to do or not do for the following areas:

• Determine piracy threats
• How reduce the risks of armed robbery against ships
• Defensive measures to be taken to avoid, deter, or delay piracy attacks
• If boarded by pirates and if taken hostage
• The event when law enforcement, military action, and/or private security conducts a Direct Rescue action
• The importance of post-incident actions and reporting


The current Industry technology in Security allows for aggressive and safe countermeasures for you to maintain the proper security of yourself, your Family, your Crew and your vessel. For those that require a higher level of Training due to the Risk/Environment, we will recommend lethal countermeasures in both equipment and Training. The Training and Equipment will not only be for you and your vessel while at sea, anchored or dockside, but can be for your travels inland while traveling abroad.