Phantom Services will deploy a Recovery, Rescue, and Crisis Team that will bring your Vessel and Assets home to you, this is our Key Core Task. We are on Standby with the ability to deploy a Recovery/Crisis Team within 4-6 hours of Notification. We are the Complete Solution for Yacht & Asset Recovery anywhere in the World. Our Recovery Division will track down a vessel and work in concert with your insurance company to negotiate the return of your vessel. If the insurance company method fails or is not a viable option, Phantom Services will recover the Vessel by more aggressive means.

Phantom Services’ Crisis Team has developed Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for yacht recovery in a Non-Confrontational Manner. We will be more than happy to demonstrate a recovery operation to gain your confidence in our abilities.

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Non-Confrontational Yacht Recovery

We first look for a Non-Confrontational Manner to recover the vessel. Each of our team members have over 20 years of experience in working and communicating in most countries and cultures through out the world. This is combined with their knowledge in hostage negotiations to give the unique ability to conduct direct and indirect dialogs to secure the return of the vessel.

Sometimes when a vessel is stolen and taken to a foreign destination in another country, there are several complex issues involved in recovering it. One of the many issues we have the ability to address is recovering the vessel while in territorial waters that may not be friendly to recovery negotiations.

Phantom Services will work with the US Coast Guard when the vessel is flagged in the United States, or the host nation Coast Guard of the location of the vessel.

We also work with the US State Department or the government of the country where the vessel is flagged or physically located for its recovery.

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