Personal Awareness Training

Personal Awareness TrainingThe Threat of Kidnapping, Individual Violence, and Crime has increased to a point where Personal Awareness Training in all aspects of daily activity has become a must.

Individuals with awareness of their environment know that the risk of Crime, Physical Assault, and Kidnapping is present. It’s also present everywhere at all times, and the authorities can not protect you from it constantly.

Unexpected security situations arise with travelers, and there is a significance difference in response between trained and untrained individual. When facing security or safety challenges, the trained traveler responds with what they have been taught and learned. They have methods and de-escalation responses as threats present themselves.

All contingencies can’t be foreseen by everyone; Personal Security Awareness Training provides a sharpened sense of situational awareness. The Training also imparts effective response procedures for a range of security threat situations. This training addresses known threats, tactics, and common scams employed by the criminal elements. Once identified, we introduce protocols to avoid or counter these risk vectors.

Personal Awareness Training Responsibility

Personal Awareness Training is also a critical part of an organization’s responsibility to their employees. There are legal and moral requirements to protect globally-mobile employees for health, safety, security, and well-being. This was stated in the Duty of Care and Travel Risk Management Global Benchmark Study, which included a survey of 628 global companies. Organizations must implement best practices, which include training and preparing employees and expatriates for overseas assignments.

Simple day-to-day tasks must be adjusted to maintain your security. This can be done for a wide range of activities. Some examples are: simple movement to and from home and business, and domestic and international travel for work or pleasure.

These New Security Challenges can be countered with a new conditioned approach focusing on Awareness of your Surroundings, Environment, and your own capabilities. Phantom Services provides several types of Personal Awareness Training for these new Security Challenges. This includes One-on-One training and Group Seminars. We also provide realistic training in large city environments to allow you to safely carry out your day-to-day activities and avoid the chance of unwanted encounters.