Project Description

Personal Monitoring & Tracking

Phantom Services Security Concierge Program provides round the clock Personal Monitoring and Tracking for those individuals that require our 24/7 support. If you currently have a tracking system/device, we will monitor that system. If you do not have one, then we will recommend the one best suited for your needs.

Protect Individuals, Groups, Employees and your loved ones by having them carry a Personal GPS Tracker. If they wander or get lost, you’ll know about it. If they run into trouble, the SOS alert button summons help.

Protect your Vehicles and other valuable Assets. Once the Personal GPS Tracker is installed on board, it will remotely monitor the Asset’s movement, speed and location. Its a great anti-theft device and allows the asset to be quickly located in the event it’s taken.

Personal Monitoring

Some devices give the possibility to monitor the position, velocity and time. They can also monitor heart rate, temperature or blood pressure, for people with health problems and special needs. Another feature available is the definition of a geofence, i.e., areas where the presence of the person is allowed, without generating an alert. In case the person moves inside and/or outside a pre-established zone, the device automatically begins tracking and sends an alert to a Phantom Services Monitoring Center.

These personal monitoring and tracking devices also have a “panic” button, allowing the tracked person to issue an alarm when a dangerous situation occurs…such as being hurt, ill, lost or scared. When the alarm button is pushed in the device, an alert again is sent to Phantom Services Monitoring Center. This information can be relayed and transmitted to an emergency contact and/or service.

Personal Monitoring and Tracking systems and devices have an enormous potential for fields other than children or elderly tracking. Law enforcement, theft prevention, pet tracking or wildlife tracking, are some of the other fields. The Tracking systems and Devices are only part of the solution. A Monitoring Service is the part that completes the solution.



Phantom Services operational expertise comes from our team's specialized experience as former US Special Operations, Law Enforcement & Government Officials. Our capabilities allow us to deploy complex security solutions worldwide. Our client list includes fortune 500 companies, corporate executives and their families, Government and commercial facilities, private businesses and events.