Project Description

Yacht Security

Yacht SecurityIn the Yachting World, not all maritime areas require the same level of security. Phantom Services will provide you a layered approach to yacht security based on the geographical areas that you will travel and the potential threat in those areas. Also, not all yachtsmen travel in the same manner. Some desire to anchor out, some desire marinas, some a combination of both, and some prefer to travel at night instead of day.

Phantom Services pride ourselves in our solutions for your “Peace of Mind” through a unique and discreet “Security Concierge Program” that reaches Globally.

We provide FOUR levels of Yacht Security for Private Vessel Clients:

1. Vulnerability Assessments and Security Concierge Program Induction: Phantom Services will conduct a Vulnerability Assessment of the Vessel with a detailed confidential report provided to the Owner, Captain, and Security Team at your direction. The Vulnerability Assessment will outline all Security Issues and provide Solutions with non-aggressive means.

2. Security Training: We outline a Security Training program based on the Vulnerability Assessment and your desired end state. We are available to conduct Basic and Advanced crew drills on the Vessel for non-lethal techniques to ward off crime and more aggressive attacks. We work around the Captain and Crew’s schedule.

3. Monitoring & Tracking Services: Our 24/7 Vessel Monitoring Program will secure your vessel and deter it from break-ins in the same manner as your home. Also provided is a Vessel Tracking Program to maintain continuous location updates based on your desires. This ensures we know where you are at all times and can assist you in any situation. Both the Monitoring & Tracking Services are tailored based on your requirements.

4. Recovery & Rescue Services: We will deploy a Recovery, Rescue, and Crisis Team that will bring your Vessel and Assets home to you. This is our Key Core Task.

Phantom Services will also tailor the type of yacht security and protection that you will need to maintain your safety while at sea. We provide thorough assessments and different levels of protection. Through the Vulnerability Assessment of you and your family, the yachts crew, planned routes, and visiting locations we determine the threats and recommended protections.



Phantom Services operational expertise comes from our team's specialized experience as former US Special Operations, Law Enforcement & Government Officials. Our capabilities allow us to deploy complex security solutions worldwide. Our client list includes fortune 500 companies, corporate executives and their families, Government and commercial facilities, private businesses and events.