On-Site & Personal Security Services

For individuals that require Personal Security Services on a Full or Part Time basis, Phantom Services is there for your Business or private needs. We also provide security for High Profile Events utilizing the most experienced Body Guards that have spent years within U.S. State Department Diplomatic Security Services Program.

  • Individual Protection Planning is a comprehensive strategy specially tailored to each individual, family, group, executive, corporation, and organization. It is highly recommended to understand the environments you live, travel, and work in…along with the threats to families, “front line” employees, executives, and managers. Our strategy includes:
  • Client Interview
  • Threat Analysis & Assessment
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Advance Work
  • Implementation of Personal Security Detail
  • Periodic update of Threat Assessment
  • Personal Security Services
  • Executive Protection: Utilizing unarmed or armed Personal Security Details, Phantom Services provides 24-hour protection for clients both in and out of the public’s view. Agents with years of training & experience specializing in protecting individuals, VIPs, dignitaries and business personnel design a tailored Protection Plan. We conduct detailed threat assessments, and on-site inspections of the client’s office and residential spaces.

Residential Protective Services: Phantom Services can provide 24-hour unarmed or armed protection for your home and family. With full security details, Phantom Services is able to ensure that your family and home are protected against threats. With years of protecting high-profile clients and their homes, Phantom Services agents are versed in protective posturing and surveillance, allowing you to live your life without worrying about the safety of your loved ones.

Discreet Professionalism: Phantom Services agents conduct themselves with the highest standards of personal conduct. All agents sign a strict confidentiality agreement that ensures the highest standard of privacy for clients. Phantom Services employs both male and female agents who speak multiple languages and come from a variety of backgrounds. All agents make certain that your protection is discreet and invisible within your life or business.
We pride ourselves on utilizing the latest Non-Lethal Personal Security Services, techniques, and devices for your safety. When the Event Threat requires higher protection level, we have Lethal Capability also. Depending on your Location, we only utilize State of the Art Up-Armored Vehicles for your safety.


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