Phantom Services will deploy a Recovery, Rescue, and Crisis Team that will bring your Vessel and Assets home to you, this is our Key Core Task. We are on Standby with the ability to deploy a Recovery/Crisis Team within 4-6 hours of Notification. We are the Complete Solution for Yacht & Asset Recovery anywhere in the World.

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For individuals that require Personal Security Services on a Full or Part Time basis, Phantom Services is there for your Business or private needs.

We provide Kidnapping and Ransom (K&R) Consulting and Rescue services for K&R insurance policy holders. We utilize Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) in hostage rescue and negotiations. Our assets and capabilities allow us to reach anywhere in the world within 24 hours.

The ability to build a Global Transportation Network and Infrastructure Support requires detailed coordination. We possess the unique skills to move personnel and materials safely throughout Austere, Semi-Permissive, or Disaster Relief Environments Globally.