Self-Protection Training

Self-protection trainingThe Threat of a Personal Attack is a reality in today’s Chaotic World from the common criminal to the planned attack. Phantom Services provides Self Protection Training Programs to Physically and Mentally prepare you for direct contact.

Predators target individuals that appear vulnerable. In addition, the wealthy and senior executives can be targeted by predators for reasons that have nothing to with appearance of Vulnerability. Their lifestyle can be an attraction to sophisticated criminals as well as random acts of crime. There are a number of preventive approaches that they can employ to reduce the odds of being victimized. Approaches range from safety-minded travel preparations to the use of close protection personnel. However, when facing a predator, the consequences of not acting can be as severe as injury or death. When a predator has selected you as their victim, your only option is knowing when and how to fight back.

Self Protection Training Philosophy

Very few individuals travel with traditional weapons. Thus, if they need to fight back, they need to rely on their ability to improvise. In training individuals in self-defense, Phantom Services goal is to ensure they can successfully defend themselves or their loved ones in life threatening confrontations. This is accomplished in a number of different forms. We teach people how to use their hands and knees to quickly and effectively disable a predator, and we also show them how to use easily available objects to incapacitate an attacker. Any physical conflict between a Predator and a victim has to end quickly. The longer a physical encounter continues, the more it benefits the Predator.

Our Self Protection Training is for more than just Executives and VIP’s as well. Phantom Services’ Training is provided to Individuals, Groups and/or Communities such as:

  • Anyone Wanting More Security In Their Life
  • Business Owners
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Doctors and Nurses
  • Attorneys
  • Community Leaders
  • College Students
  • High School Seniors Preparing For College
  • Traveling Sales People
  • Security Personnel
  • Government Employees
  • Pilots and Flight Attendants
  • Body Guards
  • Security Guards
  • Law Enforcement
  • Military personnel

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