Project Description


Purchasing a private jet is an intricate process that requires a firm understanding of aviation, attention to detail, and the ability to find a jet for sale that meets all of our client’s criteria. This is why so many prospective aircraft owners turn to Phantom Services.

We guide clients through the entire process and leverage our aviation network to not only help you purchase the jet that meets your travel demands, but we also protect you during the purchasing process as a whole. You need experts at your side with your best interest in mind when making such a significant investment.

  • Aircraft Evaluation

  • Model Selection

  • Aircraft Records Research

  • Test Flight & Pre-purchase Inspection

  • Financing & Insurance Options

  • Title, Tax & Legal Consultation

  • Purchase Offer & Negotiations

  • Flight Training / Flight Crew Hiring & Training

  • Aircraft Management Services

  • Ramp Storage or Hangar Space