Project Description


Phantom Services maritime global security solutions are tailored for commercial cargo vessels, cruise ships, gas & oil platforms, as well as international ports and harbors. Most recently, we provided anti-piracy and deterrence training for the Allure of the Sea, one of Royal Caribbean’s Oasis-class cruise liners, which are the largest class of cruise ships in the world.

Our private sector security offerings include marinas and on-vessel security, monitoring, tracking, and recovery of stolen yachts, as well as threat and safety assessments for travel destinations. We currently provide these services for several yachts with an average length of over 50 meters. We also provide maritime security consultation for the International SeaKeepers Society consisting of over 10,000 members.

  • Personal & Security Training

  • Oil & Gas Sector

  • Surveillance & Monitoring

  • Vessel Defense Options

  • Risk Assessment 

  • Vessel Recovery Services

  • Emergency Response Teams

  • Commercial & Private Vessels