Maritime Consulting

Maritime ConsultingPhantom Services has several Maritime Consulting Experts, all with over 20 years of experience. We will assist you in maritime security advice and requirements for Marinas, Port Facilities, Oil Platforms, the Cruise Ship Industry, and Commercial Cargo and Gas and Oil Vessels. Our Commercial consulting ranges from assessing vessels and platform’s vulnerabilities to developing organic security programs. These programs ensure internal security plans are developed and maintained at the highest level to combat any and all intruders.

Maritime Consulting Requirements

Dependent on the security requirements and threat levels, external or augmentation security will be provided to ensure all assets are protected. There are several Non-Lethal means of security that are extremely effective at sea, dependent on your requirements. Training and evaluation programs are available to ensure the technology provided is maximized for all levels of security to ensure risk management is maintained.

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Maritime Training Services

maritime training servicesPhantom Services provides several types of maritime training services for Owners, Captains and Crew. Our specialized awareness training is tailored for those that choose to handle their own security requirements while traveling. The training can be as simple as assessing the security at any marina, or teaching how to safely go in and out of the Marina. This includes Domestic and/or Foreign towns that you are traveling into, or more serious situations…such as how to deal with an intruder that has boarded your vessel.

Individuals with awareness of their environment know that the risk of Piracy and Crime within Marinas is present. Physical Assault, Kidnapping, and Abduction is also present everywhere at all times, and the authorities can not protect you from it constantly.
Unexpected security situations arise with travelers, and there is a significant difference in response between trained and untrained individual. When facing security or safety challenges, the trained traveler responds with what they have been taught and absorbed. They have techniques and de-escalation responses as threats arise.

All incidents can’t be foreseen. Our Maritime Training Services provide a honed sense of situational awareness. The Training also reveals effective response and actions for a range of security threat situations. This training addresses known threats, methods, and common scams employed by the criminal elements. Once identified, we introduce protocols to avoid or counter these risk vectors. The Threat of Kidnapping, Individual Violence, and Crime has increased to a point where Maritime Awareness Training in all aspects of daily activity has become a must.

Maritime Training Services & Responsibility

Maritime Awareness Training is also a critical part of a Captain and Owner’s responsibility to their Crew and Passengers. There are legal and moral requirements to protect those on board for health, safety, security, and well-being.

Simple day-to-day routines while traveling by sea must be adjusted to maintain everyone’s security on board the vessel. This can be done for a wide range of activities, which includes simple movement within the international towns and markets. Also while at sea, it’s crucial to know and implement an emergency action plan during an act of piracy. These New Security Challenges while Yachting can be mitigated with a new approach of focusing on Awareness of your Environment, Surroundings, and your Crew’s own capabilities.

Phantom Services provides several types of Maritime Training Services for these new Security Challenges. This includes One-on-One training and Crew Seminars. We also provide realistic training at the Marina, Vessel and in town, to allow you to safely carry out your sea travels while avoiding the chance of unwanted encounters.

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